Javelin Eddy Current Separators do just that, they consistently record the highest possible recovery rates and ensure cleaner, more marketable material.


Each Javelin eddy current separator is fully manufactured in the US using the highest quality components. All of these components are available as standard “off the shelf” items. You see, at Javelin we’re in business of providing the best eddy current separators, not selling spare parts. That’s also the reason our units are manufactured for easy access and maintenance and for maximum uptime operation.

Our team of engineers, manufacturers, application specialists and installation crews will ensure our separators fit precisely into your system. Whether they are retrofitted into an existing line or included in a Greenfield operation.


Get to know Javelin and its line of eddy current separators if you’re interested in increasing your bottom line performance through higher recovery rates, cleaner material and lower operating costs. You’ll see that the throw makes the difference!


Javelin Manufacturing was formed specifically to bring the best eddy current separator ECS for nonferrous applications to market. The company was formed by a consortium of firms, all of which brought specific areas of expertise to the Javelin’s development. The underlying motivator was the knowledge that the MRF market had been underserved; that higher recovery levels and cleaner material were economically achievable.

Progressive Design Concepts
Progressive Design Concepts was established in 1996, with roots dating back to 1983. The company serves many industries including industrial, recycling and manufacturing. Specializing in design through fabrication, Progressive Design provides its clients with economical solutions for any situation.